Book Review – Fatherland – Robert Harris

In an alternative future, Germany won the second world war and is thriving, but when a policeman is called to a dead body, everything that the Fatherland has been built upon starts unraveling.

The story feels very similar to Gorky Park, in that the policeman is an outsider, a non conformist who does his own thing regardless. This is not to say that Fatherland is a rip-off of Gorky Park or visa versa. Both story’s have similarities but are totally different in structure and style. Fatherland imagines a Germany which not only won the second world war but built upon it to become greater than ever. Its very well put together and believable, not something that did happen but something that definitely could have.

Once started, Fatherland is a book that has to be finished as soon as possible. It is pretty much unputdownable! I loved this book!

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