Book Review – Fear Is The Key – Alistair MacLean

A wanted murderer makes a break from a courtroom with a young girl as his hostage, killing a policeman who tried to stop him. The wanted man has a plan, but its not a plan for escape.

Fear Is The Key is one of those books that sets up the ending right at the begining of the story and then makes you forget about it until you get to the end. It follows MacLean’s usually fast paced style of writing with minimum location changes and characters who are not who they seem to be. The main character, Talbot, is a driven man, vengful and desperate, and yet, you still feel for him as he struggles against all that is thrown up against him. The supporting cast is colourful with each character standing
out from each other.

The ending is one that, once I had kids, takes on a different perspective and one that is very effective. A strong Alistair MacLean book, one that reads fast, flows fast, and oesn’t let up until the last line.

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