Book Review – Flight – Jan Burke

From the Publisher

Edgar Award-winning author Jan Burke, acclaimed for her Irene Kelly novels, hits the ground running with a harrowing thriller featuring homicide detective Frank Harriman. When the wreckage of a small plane belonging to a Las Piernas Police Department detective who disappeared a decade ago is discovered in the San Bernardino Mountains, an emotional and disturbing triple-homicide case is reopened with a vengeance. Was the pilot a sellout who murdered a key witness? Alone, following his instincts, Frank traces the path of his predecessor to uncover the truth — and comes face-to-face with a madman whose killing intent has just taken off.

Wow, as good as a Michael Connelly!! Well written, good plot, paced well……. ah well, another author I need to read more and more of! Some of the main characters are obviously previously introduced from prior books but you don’t ever feel as if you do not know who they are!

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