Book Review – Flight of the Old Dog – Dale Brown

From the Publisher

When the Soviet Union masters “Star Wars” technology, rendering the United State‘s arsenal of nuclear missiles impotent, America’s only hope lies in The Old Dog Zero One–a battle-scarred bomber fully renovated with enough weaponry and stealth hardware to earn it the nickname “Megafortress.”

A different take on the air force adventure story. The main character isn’t a dashing pilot but a navigator, one with the predictable trademarks of not being your average air force office yet being very good at what he does.

The plot, while a little far fetched, does a nice job of building up the tension and keeping the pages turning. The techno jargon is kept to a minimum yet you never lose track of what is happening and by who. Very enjoyable read, look like I will be reading more Dale Brown in the future!

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