Book Review – Freefall – Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

From the Publisher

The year is 2008

The next race to the Moon has begun

Not to make new discoveries

But to bury old secrets

THE PLACE The International Space Station. Docked to it, the Space Shuttle Constitution. Crewed by ten astronauts trained to recover the $100-million cargo aboard the first privately launched lunar sample-return mission.

THE EVENT Sabotage. The containers from the Moon hold more than rocks and moondust, and there are those who are willing to kill to keep that knowledge from the world.

So begins the riveting new novel by acclaimed writing team Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens — a relentless tale of high-tech conspiracy and suspense that reaches back to the darkest secrets of the space race of the 1960s, and ahead to the startling new technologies that will drive us to the Moon in the next decade.

Freefall marks the long-awaited return of the heroes of Icefire — the Reeves-Stevens novel Stephen King hailed as: “The best suspense novel of its kind since The Hunt for Red October.”

Now U.S. Navy Captain Mitch Webber, outspoken oceanographer Cory Rey, and Air Force Major Wilhemina Bailey of the United States Space Command are reunited in an even more harrowing adventure that pits them against the ruthless inheritors of a staggering conspiracy that could change history.

From the covert infiltration of China”s most secure aerospace facility and the stirring heroism of astronauts and cosmonauts confronting disaster in space, to sudden violence on ordinary suburban streets and the startling revelation of America”s most secret space program, Freefall is a nonstop explosive read that in true Reeves-Stevens fashion makes readers wonder where truth ends and fiction begins.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell it isn’t really bad but you finish the book feeling a little empty insde, left wanting more. It isn’t THAT technical and it does seem to have a good plot buuuuuut it just doesn’t flow like some other books.

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