Book Review – Hollywood Station – Joseph Wambaugh

The Hollywood Division goes about its everyday work while investigating a violent jewelry robbery, watched over by the sergeant everyone refers to as the Oracle.

This is an amazing book, one filled with anecdotes of police life and stories of life on the line which are layered around a crazy plot about jewelry robbery that goes right before everything goes wrong. Each of the characters are so well filled out and detailed as to be totally believable. The anecdotes are sometimes funny, sometimes very sad, but always interesting and help to flesh out the book into something real.

Its almost magical how the story goes from one incident to another, all the while weaving this tale of tweakers and Russians, money and jewels, and keeps the reader engrossed. With eleven other books for me to discover and read, Joseph Wambaugh is most definitely going on my top authors list!

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  1. I’m three-quarters of the way through “Hollywood Station” and loving it. If this is your first foray into Wambaugh, I recommend that you read the following (in this order):

    1. The Choirboys
    2. The New Centurions
    3. The Blue Knight (I think this title is out of print)
    4. The Onion Field (non-fiction)
    5. Fire Lover (also non-fic)

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