Book Review – Hollywood Tough – Stephen J Cannell

A cop finds himself invited to a Hollywood party and bumps into a small time crook who he had busted in the past. Before you can say Hollywood Nights, the cop is up to his eyebrows in moving making, mafia, a gang war and a new drug on the streets.

A very twisting and unpredictable plot threads its way through the book as the main characters, Shane Scully, detective, his wife, Alexa, boss of the detectives, and his son, Chooch are all well formed and enjoyable. Some of the smaller characters are just as interesting, especially American.

I f0und the name dropping at the start of the book was a little overdone but I guess in setting up the scene of Hollywood, you need a couple of star names.  It also took a little time to get into the book, trying to decide how serious it was supposed to be.

This is a good book, one that sneaks up on your and captures your attention while you are just enjoying the story.

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  1. I haven’t read the book but the name-dropping you refer to might be inside jokes. If you didn’t know, Stephen J. Cannell was once a big TV producer here in the U.S. Due to changes in the structure of TV, he had to leave the field and has been reborn as a best-selling novelist.

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