Book Review – Homefront – Chuck Logan

To help in the healing of his wife’s wounds, both physical and mental, ex-cop Phil Broker move himself, his wife, Nina Pryce (ex- Delta Forces) and their 8 year old daughter Kit, to a small town in North Minnesota. He plans on a quiet time which will help everyone recover from a recent incident. What he doesn’t plan on is getting embroiled in a clan like feud with another family in town.

In his seventh novel, Chuck Logan and his favourite protagonist, Phil Broker start off slowly. In a novel that often is more reflective of the relationship between Broker and his wife, Logan places the foundations of his story carefully, setting the scene so that readers can grasp a mental picture of Glacier Falls, Minnesota.

The characters, Nina, Broker, and Kit have been built upon in previous novels and you can see how they have grown and changed since the last novel. The new characters involved are pretty well described and are great making the story what it is.

While Homefront is a good novel with a great plot, it feels as if it drags its feet rather than rushing the reader to the climax. Still very enjoyable though.

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