Book Review – Ice Hunt – James Rollins

At the top of the world an Ice Station has been rediscovered after many years missing. Two countries will fight for the secrets inside it, but they will not be the only ones involved. A small group of civilians get caught up in the struggle, along with some creatures the world hasn’t seen for a very long time.

Ice Hunt is a book with several different themes running through it. You have the big picture of a Russian Admiral who is planning to change the world, the American and Russian secret armies battling each other for the station, the experimental US submarine and its crew and scientists, then you have the man and ex-wife caught up in all of this. It provides so many different ways to address the story and James Rollins uses a lot of them, all to good effect.

Ice Hunt does remind me of Ice Station by Matthew Reilly, but there again, its an ICE STATION so its kinda obvious. It also reminds me of Deep Current by Benjamin E  Miller, but infinitely better. The plot keeps the reader on their toes as the action changes, and the cast of characters get separated, mixed around, re-joined and so forth. You never lose track of who is where and what is happening to them, and this keeps the story bubbling along at a good rate.

Ice Hunt is a real fun book to read. It has action galore and yet it still makes you care about the characters and what happens to them.

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