Book Review – Ice Station Zebra – Alistair MacLean

An urgent rescue mission by submarine to the Arctic to rescue the survivors of the weather station that caught fire turns into something more disturbing as they get to Ice Station Zebra.

One of Alistair MacLean‘s most famous books, Ice Station Zebra, changes from tense submarine thriller, to Arctic survival story, back to submarine thriller before finishing with a whodunit. A clever plot with several changes of pace and direction keep the reader on their toes as they try to find the villian.

The main character of Dr Carpenter is a true MacLean hero. Resourceful beyond belief, able to handle physical pain and mental anguish, and not what he seems. The reader discovers along with other members of the book, when Dr. Carpenter chooses to reveal secrets and reasons.

A classic book, tense, well put together and a memerable ending.

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