Book Review – Icebound – Dean Koontz

Eight scientists plan to calve an ice berg away from the ice field in the Arctic but before they can retreat to a safe distance, an underwater earthquake does their job for them, but takes them along for the ride. Now they have to race against time to disable 60 bombs that they had planted to create the berg and find a way off the ice berg, but time is running out fast. And time might not be the only the danger on the ice berg.

This is a fun thriller, set in the mode of Alistair MacLean, as Dean Koontz says in the Authors Notes. Where accuracy is traded for speed, Icebound keeps the pages turning over at a fast rate. The scenario is brilliant, one that encompasses the Arctic weather, the sea, the timebomb, and the unknown crazy would be killer.

While Icebound is a straight forward plot with little in the way of plot twists, the easy style of writing along with the deadline really does make this a very enjoyable and easy book to read.

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