Book Review – King Con – Stephen J Cannell

A conman who is viciously beaten by a mob boss after being found cheating at cards plots his revenge, aided by a prosecutor who failed to get the mob boss put away.

Stephen J Cannell is a man who is responsible for many tv shows including The A-Team, 21 Jump Street, The Greatest American Hero, Hardcastle and McCormack, The Rockford Files, and Hunter. Cannell creates a world filled with grifters and con men. The main characters, Beano Bates & Victoria Hart are opposites who come together for their common goal of justice. They are well written and crafted although it is obvious from page 76 what will happen at the end.

This is a great book, filled with some violence but nothing that is uncalled for. The cons are very impressive, not only for how well they are done, but for the simplicity of them. The plot is great, with enough to keep the reader turning the pages as fast as he can.

Really enjoyed King Con and will look forward to reading more books by Mr Stephen J Cannell.

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