Book Review – Lucifer's Hammer – Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

One mans thrill at discovering a new comet quickly fades when he slowly realises that it will pass close to the Earth. As people both around and orbiting the world prepare for the comets pass, few believe that it will strike the Earth. It strikes and the nightmare for those who survive begins.

A very cool, well thought out and convincing end of the world story. Several different groups of people have their stories intertwined as survivors try to find a way to live in a world devastated by the comet strike. Each character is interesting to care about and distinct enough to avoid confusion. The plot meanders rather than twists and doesn’t spring many surprises for the reader but keep the pages turning as the story is crafted.

Lucifer’s Hammer is not for everyone, it does tend to start off slowly but for those who stick it out, is a rewarding book to enjoy.

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