Book Review – McNally's Chance – Lawrence Sanders (Vincent Lardo)

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Romance author Sabrina Wright asks Archy McNally to find her missing husband. Archy learns Sabrina sent him to look for her daughter, who ran off when she learned Sabrina hadn’t adopted her, but is really her natural mother. That sent the girl looking for her real father, a Palm Beach blue blood who’d paid for anonymity. So it’s up to Archy to find the missing family members before local gossips start pointing fingers.

When I picked up the book I didn’t notice that although the book cover said in big bold letters Lawrence Sanders, it was actually written by Vincent Lardo who had contributed with Sanders on several books. Lawrence Sanders died 4 years before this book was published in 1998.

The book features Archy McNally who is a discret investigator, working out of his fathers office. He is called to meet a famous romantic author who says she is looking for her husband who came down to look to look for her adopted daughter but nothing is what it seems and there seems to be more than one little while lie spread around.

It’s difficult to judge Lardo’s writing style having never read an original Sanders book. I am guessing that it is written in the style that the previous books held. The style is, well, stylish but more flash than dash. It is a very lightweight book where thinking is optional. There is a lot of description of what McNally wears, probably in order to explain how McNally makes himself different to the rest of Palm Beach.

There are many witty lines and comments that are very enjoyable and almost make up for the lightweight fare. The plot is complex, a little predictable, yet very enjoyable. The plot is filled with many characters, all helping the story flow with style and fun.

This isn’t a bad book, but it’s perhaps a little too lightweight to make me want more. If I happen to pick up another one on the cheap, I won’t complain!

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