Book Review – Naked Heat – Richard Castle

Cover of "Naked Heat (Nikki Heat)"
Cover of Naked Heat (Nikki Heat)

New York detective Nikki Heat, is reunited with the man who is part lover / part annoyance, Jamieson Rook. After a nasty break up, Heat is surprised to find Rook at the scene of her latest murder investigation but they team up to find out who killed a celebrity gossip columnist that Rook had been working with.

The second Nikki Heat novel written by the fictional writer Richard Castle. The chemistry between Heat and Rook is obvious and enjoyable but it doesn’t overwhelm the story. With the plot twisting here and there, the reader is kept guessing right until the last few pages.

Let’s be honest, if you watch ABC‘s Castle then you will know who each character is, even thinly disguised as they are. It automatically helps you fill in the blanks as you put the faces to the names. If you don’t watch the TV show and yet you enjoy the book, there are three seasons of Castle on DVD that I think you will love. Rook is Castle who is Nathan Fillion. It is difficult to spot where Fillion ends and Castle begins, so perfect is the casting and this follows through to Rook. It is impossible not to imagine Fillion making the wisecracks that Rook seems to have an endless supply of!

Naked Heat is a very good book, regardless who actually wrote it. As a stand alone it is good, as a ‘Castle’ novel, it rocks. I know that my father, my mother AND my wife will all want to read this book. Try it, you might find a new TV show to love!

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  1. Nathan Fillion is sarcastic, of course he is he’s Canadian. It’s our true official language! Nathan is a geek’s geek much like Nicolas Cage, not only can they act the part of superhero but they also are fans, with money so they have huge collections that most geeks would die for. I wonder if Nathan has a Green Lantern and ring on his bed side table like I do?

    As far as the show goes, I have loved the show since day one. The dynamics between Castle and Beckett is fantastic. If you love Bones, you will love Castle. Heck, Joss Whedon loved both heroes, casting them each in multiple productions (David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion). Why wouldn’t you?

    I am looking forward to reading this book. As I am working on the Graphic Novel right now. Did I mention, I’m a geek?

  2. I don’t know about Nicholas Cage, he is a geek but he isn’t really that much of an actor anymore, based upon his last ten years or so of work! The only downside of Castle being so successful is that there is no chance of Firefly coming back but I am still not giving up hope!

    You are working on the graphic novel? Excellent! Have you done other novels?