Book Review – Phoenix Rising – John J. Nance

From the Publisher
Pam Am Flight 10 is heading routinely from Seattle to Tokyo when one by one its engines explode. Only brilliant work by its pilot saves the 747 and the hundreds of passengers on board….
At Pan Am headquarters, the newly revived airline is facing a serious setback–rumors of financial uncertainty have panicked Wall Street and sent stock prices and bond ratings plummeting….
At the airline”s maintenance facility, a mysterious intruder has left behind evidence of possible industrial sabotage….
Since the new Pan Am has risen from the ashes of deregulation to challenge the big three U.S. airlines, nothing has gone smoothly. Now with threats from all sides, Pan Am”s chief pilot Brian Murphy, its new chief financial officer Elizabeth Sterling, and international financier Creighton MacRae must work together to save the beleaguered airline–if their personal feelings don”t get in the way….

A financial airplane thriller. Not your normal plot by any means but an engaging tale about corruption, airplanes, money and sabotage. Started slowly and for some reason reminded me of Michael Crictons Airframe. Picked up the pace though. I am sure accountants would love this book but I found it just OK.

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