Book Review – Pirate – Ted Bell

When France and China decide to join forces to make a grab for oil in the middle east, only one man stands in their way. Alex Hawke is thrust into the middle of a potential nuclear conflict with France being lead by a direct descendant of Napoleon and the Chinese playing their own secret game, the clock is counting down towards war.

This is the third Alex Hawke book. The main character is well created with a great back story and a very British attitude to things. In this book he is joined by his usual companions as well as some new characters. The action flows nicely with a steady stream of situation to keep the reader turning the pages. The scenarios in Pirate are realistic and well put together. The plot, without many twists, reads like a straight forward adventure novel in the vein of a Clive Cussler book.

My one point of contention is that some of the ‘bad’ characters were killed off with almost no effort. It felt a little anti-climactic in one case, where the character was a major league bad ass freak and yet, his death was a blip on the radar screen.

Other than that, a good book, a fun read and very promising for future books.

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