Book Review – Plague Ship – Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul

The crew of the high tech spy ship Oregon discover a cruise ship floating with seemingly now left alive on it, just before it is destroyed by explosives. From this, they follow a trail towards a cult who is planing to release a virus and change the world forever.

Another book about Oregon and her crew, the third in the series, is a fast paced action packed story with perhaps the ship taking a back seat to her crew for this one. Recent Clive Cussler books have disappointed with a lack of excitment but Plague Ship is back up to form. The plot is twisty and yet not too complex. The characters are fun as always and the predicements they find themselves in as good as any that Dirk Pitt ever suffered through. The only down side is the long winded speechs of one of the main villians which tends to slow down the story.

A very enjoyable book and glad to see Clive Cussler back on form!

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