Book Review – Polar Shift – Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos

A mysterious force is causing ocean whirlpools and huge deadly waves that threaten the very existance of the planet. Kurt Austin, backed by NUMA searches not only for the cause of this but also the cure.

I find myself asking the question of if NUMA and its employees have finally reached the end of their useful life. Recent books by Mssrs Cussler and co writers have been lacking in that magical substance that earlier books possessed. Recent efforts have felt more like luke warm attempts to capture previous glory than a brand new effort.

Polar Shift is a good example of this. It has the usual nautical plot, far fetched as usual if not more so, and for all the characters and sub plots, just feels like a script that was rejected by Dirk Pitt.

Kurt Austin is an interesting character if you don’t mind him being identical to Pitt in everything way except appearance.

I have always enjoyed Clive Cussler novels and to be fair, Polar Shift isn’t a bad book. It just isn’t the excellent thriller that used to come out of the typewriter of Mr Cussler.

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