Book Review – Polar Star – Martin Cruz Smith


On a Russian factory boat, up in the cold of the Bering Sea, working on a line, gutting fish, is Arkady Renko. Formerly an Investigator in Moscow, he now hides far from his enemies reach, unknown, undiscovered, unimportant. Until that is, one of the women workers is found caught up in a fishing net from an American trawler.The follow on from the amazing Gorky Park, Polar Star puts one of the most enjoyable lead characters in Arkady Renko, in the hostile environment of a fishing factory ship. Renko is everything you want in a hero, determined, honest, and incredibly likable.The plot twists and turns, doings its best to distract the reader, and Renko, from finding out what happened to the woman but it keeps the pages turning over at a rapid pace.Polar Star is as good as Gorky Park, brilliantly written and with a main character that could make any story a good one!

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  1. Polar Star is a great read, the plot is intricate and cleverly woven. You miss the suble clues exactly like Renko which makes the charactror more plausable and likeable. The answers Renko gives when questioned himself are pure class. He uses the limited investigatory resources at his disposal to shake things up and clear up a murder, a smuggling ring and an espionage double bluff – and you believe every word could be true.

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