Book Review Promise Me – Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar makes two teenage girls promise him that if they are ever in trouble, need a ride home after a night out, or having been drinking and can’t drive to call him. One does and then disappears leaving Bolitar, and his trusty psycho Win trying to track her down before its too late.

Ah, the welcome return of Myron Bolitar and friends. Harlan Coben has created with Myron, Win, and everyone else who occupies his writing universe, some wonderfully colourful characters that make you smile as they do even the simplest of things. Take Win, or rather, Windsor Horne Lockwood III, is such an enjoyable character to read about that you almost want to slow down to savour every word.

Promise Me actually reveals a little of Win’s history which makes it more understandable why Win is considered such a dangerous person. There is even some cross over from a couple of Coben’s stand alone books.

Promise Me is the same brilliant style of writing as his other books, and like his other books, un-put-down-able. Once you start reading you are hooked and find that the book is over way too soon. I honestly can’t think of a single Harlan Coben book that has disappointed or failed to produce.
Every one is a page turning experience that is enjoyable every time you read it.

Promise Me is a brilliant thriller, with characters you know and love, and a plot that twists and turns right up to the end. Loved it.

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