Book Review – Raising Atlantis – Thomas Greanis

Earthquakes in Antarctica draws the attention of the US Military, the Vatican and even some terrorists. What they find is a huge pyramid buried under the thick ice. What lies within the pyramid could answer every question about the birth of humans, but it might also wipe out every human on earth.

Another book calling upon religious history to set the scene for the story. Egyptian mythology is also used in this first book from Thomas Greanias.

You have a disgraced archaeologist who had a mysterious childhood, his father, a powerful soldier who often ignored his son for the betterment of his goal, and a beautiful ex nun who is also an environmental activist.

While the characters are interesting, they are not that believable. In the case of the father, it was more over the top than anything else. The plot, is a nice one but the treatment of it is lightweight, often getting caught up in astrological along with religious and mythlogolical references.

An OK book but lacking in spark and zap.

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