Book Review – Sacred Stone – Clive Cussler & Craig Dirgo

A fallen meteroite that was found by a viking is the centerpiece in a wild chase to avoid the mass murder of those attending a religious event, with the Corporation hard at work to avoid any bloodshed.

There was a time when a Clive Cussler book was exciting, thrilling and took the reader along for a ride that they wouldn’t soon forget. Now it feels like a hook up with a past lover where the memories are much better than the actual deed. Sacred Stone is way too busy with plots spining out and a multitude of characters. So much goes on that you don’t actually get emotionally involved in anything that is going on.

This is the kind of plot that Stephen Coonts does very well and Tom Clancy used to do very well. This is not the kind of plot that should inhabit the world that Clive Cussler has created over many years and some great books. There are great ideas contained on the pages but they get rushed, or not given the treatment they deserve. You could almost say that there is too much going on for just one story.

Disappointing due to the high standard expected from the author, otherwise simply OK.

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