Book Review – South of Shiloh – Chuck Logan

In Mississippi, a man from Minnesota is taking part in a reenactment of a civil war battle when his life is suddenly ended. Was it an accident as the police are suggesting or was it an attempt on the life of the man standing next to the victim? The mans widow has only one person to turn to, the father of her child, a man she has not seen for eleven years, a disgraced photographer.

Unlike previous books that focused on the main character of Phil Broker and his family, and stay within the confines of the Minnesota border, South of Shiloh spends the majority of the action in the steamy south of Mississippi as the main character of John Rane discovers that the civil war may be over but there is still a lot of history happening. Its funny that the book doesn’t even read like the previous books, its is more like a Harlen Coben novel, and this isn’t a bad thing. Chuck Logan‘s books are hard hitting, action packed and full of emotional twists and turns before the final page is read and South of Shiloh is no different. Its just that it feels different. There is a large chunk of history from the civil war en-wrapped in the book with some great details and enough information to help anyone who doesn’t know which side wore blue.

Another very enjoyable book by Chuck Logan, a surprising change of page but still very enjoyable and a good read. I hope this is not the last we read of John Rane!

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