Book Review – Spy – Ted Bell

Alex Hawke is held captive in the Amazonian jungles by a terrorist planning to attack America. Can he escape and help stop the plan before America suffers and falls?

The fourth book featuring Alex Hawke is probably the best one yet. While the previous three were all enjoyable and page turners, they all seemed to be just missing something that clicked, something that would stand out. Spy has it, several times over. The plot is as good as an early Clive Cussler novel, with great characters, both new and old. The main antagonists are wonderfully evil, and yet not so much so as to be unbelievable. The heroes, apart from Hawke himself, are brilliant. There is also a hint of humour that helps the book along. Not out right humour, but moments that make the reader smile to themselves.

Spy delivers what the previous other three books came close to doing, a very enjoyable, and believable story. Obviously the other books helped set the stage and prepare the cast of characters but Spy uses them to the full extent and uses them well!

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