Book Review – The Advocate by Bill Mesce Jr

From the Publisher
A novel of World War II, conspiracy, and murder

It is 1943 — and the unthinkable has happened: a local spotter on the remote English coastline has witnessed American pilots, returning from a bombing run, turning their guns on one of their own.

The victim and his plane are downed, and the spotter and his wife are the next targets as the rogue American planes return to strafe their home, their livestock, with such force and purpose that it is a miracle anyone survives.

What could cause decorated leaders of men to kill their brother-in-arms and then viciously attack Allied civilians? For JAG Lieutenant Harry Voss, the investigation will become his personal war, igniting a series of revelations that detonate up the chain of command and threaten Harry”s career — and then his life.

A world war two legal drama where the line between war and murder are blurred. Great characters, with a slightly confusing plot. Very enjoyable though

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