Book Review – The Altman Code – Gayle Lynds

A cargo ship from China is going to the middle east and it may or may not be carrying biological weapons. This is the dilemma facing the president of the United States. Well that and there appears to be a man in a Chinese prison who may be his father.

Although written by Gayle Lynds, the books states Robert Ludlum on the cover because it is another one of those spin off books, even though Mr Ludlum is no longer with us.  It deals with Covert-One, a secret agency that answers only to the president and one of their assets, Jon Smith. It’s funny how different writers can make such a difference to a
character. While The Altman Code is far from being a drag to read, I much preferred The Arctic Event written by James H Cobb. The characters were more enjoyable and the action faster paced.

The Altman Code is not a bad book but its a slower read than I would prefer and not as exciting as I might have wished for. Other than that, an enjoyable book.

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