Book Review – The Big Bamboo – Tim Dorsey

Everyone’s favourite psychotic serial killer, Serge A Storms and his untrusty sidekick, Coleman, head for the bright lights of Hollywood. What could possibly go wrong?

Serge A Storms is one of the most like-able serial killers in print today. His inventiveness when killing and his sheer energy gives him the edge over anyone else out there. Coleman, as that drug filled buffoon perfectly balances out the partner ship, slow when his partner is hyper fast, slow when his partner is thinking, slow when, well his partner is doing anything really.

The Big Bamboo takes Serge out of his natural environment of Florida and throws him to the wolves in Hollywood, along the way he visits various landmarks, made famous in movies, showing off his great knowledge of things other than his beloved Florida. The plot is more complex than previous books although not until the end do you discover how complex.

A manic story told at hurricane pace that only just keeps up with the lead character. Once again, a Tim Dorsey novel filled with violence, humour and fun, a great combination.

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