Book Review – The Blue Knight – Joseph Wambaugh

Bumper Morgan has two days left on the best before he leaves for good, for a future with a loving woman and an easy job but first he has to survive the last two days.

Written in 1972 and set in Los Angeles, The Blue Knight is a book that is more about the character of Bumper Morgan than it is about a plot or a story. Joseph Wambaugh creates a character that seems to come to life off the page and breath. While other characters come and go in the book, Bumper stands out as the reason to read this book. At times It reads as a biography with Bumper recalling anicdotes here and there and also letting the reader in on his personal thoughts.  As you read the book you can sense that there is something bad about to happen and you hope that the lead character survives. There are ups and downs with Bumper but through it all, he comes out as an good human being but a very good policeman.

Another excellent book by Joseph Wambaugh, and one that anyone with a love for cop thrillers should read. If you like Michael Connelly books, you will love these.

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