Book Review – The Day They Stole The Queen Mary – Terence Hughes

A wartime thriller about a thousand German prisoners of war who are being shipped to America aboard the Queen Mary, a submarine commander, whose mission is that the Germans escape and take over the ship, and a wounded airman, now working for in Winston Churchill‘s office.

This is a great wartime thriller in a similar vein to those written by Ken Follett and Jack Higgins. The characters are very well crafted and the plot is first class. There isn’t a waste paragraph as the action begins and the pace increases.

A very enjoyable book.

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  1. I just recently have the experience of reading “The Day They Stole The Queen Mary”. I don’t normally read war stories, but I’ve always been interested in the Queen Mary, so I read the book. I couldn’t put the thing down! I have since encouraged others to read the book and they have all gave favorable reviews. Thanks Mr. Hughes for such a great book. I’d love to see this made into a screenplay!