Book Review – The Deep Blue Alibi – Paul Levine

From the Publisher
They are Florida’s most mismatched legal duo–one a glamorous Miami blue blood, the other a Coconut Grove beach bum. And when they get together, you can throw every law right out the window….

What do you get when you mix beautiful people, family secrets, and a yacht washed up on Sunset Key with a hundred grand in cash and a dying man? If you’re Steve Solomon, you see a case that can get Solomon & Lord off the ground. If you’re Victoria Lord, you see a golden opportunity to go out on your own. With her uncle a murder suspect and her hunky ex-boyfriend back in the picture, Victoria is pushing to take control as Solomon struggles to keep from losing it.

As an explosive trial looms, they’re fighting against time, the law, and each other–to expose a killer who came to paradise…and hasn’t left.

Oh my gawd. I was laughing out loud a lot with this book. It isn’t a book of jokes but every joke seems to hit its target. With more Jimmy Buffett references than License to Chill, I would hope that JB is getting a cut of the profits!! Fantastic book. Loved it!

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