Book Review – The Ghost – Robert Harris

A professional ghost writer is called in to replace another from his profession who had mysteriously died. The subject, the former Prime Minister of Britain, but with a tight deadline and accustations appearing in the papers, will the book ever be finished?

For a book that was published in 2007, the style is more from the 60’s than the 00’s. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, rather the manner of the text puts me in mind of books published forty years ago. Its comfortable to read, and while it perhaps a style not seen often, is more than welcome. The plot is a nice and twisty one with the final twist becoming obvious to me about a page before the reveal. It’s characters are all interesting and believable without becoming over the top. The Ghost is a book that can be enjoyed at either an accelerated pace, as I did, or as a slow and lazy read although I defy anyone to keep a slow pace as the book winds its way toward its climax.

This is the third book from Robert Harris that I have read and the third that I have really enjoyed. I am sure to be re-reading this book in the future!

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