Book Review – The Gun Seller – Hugh Laurie

Thomas Lang is an ex-soldier who now hired to do various things by various people. He has ties to the British intelligence and on top of all that, is a pretty decent sort of a chap. And now rather than assassinate someone, who has chosen to try and save them. You know this isn’t going to end well.

Hugh Laurie is first and foremost an actor, both serious and comedic. His stints in Blackadder and House have pretty much made him famous so why not write a novel. That is what he has done. The Gun Seller is a book that is part Andy McNabb with gritty realism and part sarcastic humour, such as can be found in Jeeves and Wooster. Even looking down the barrel of a gun, Lang has the ability to comment and have witty asides all the while avoiding being killed. As a lead character, Thomas Lang is pretty fun to read. Obviously talented, intelligent and quick thinking, he is also honest in his thoughts, a good guy, and funny as well. What more could one ask for in a leading man?

The plot serves up a few twists here and there that keep the reader concentrating and with some great support characters such as Solomon, the book is hugely enjoyable. In the brief interview with Mr Laurie at the end of the book, he mentions the possibility of the book being made into a movie, and if this were to happen, it would make a very enjoyable movie indeed!

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