Book Review – The Last Hostage – John J Nance

From the Publisher

A demented hijacker…
A master of aviation suspense, author John J. Nance thrilled the country with his explosive bestsellers, “Pandora’s Clock and “Medusa’s Child. Now, as only he can do, Nance soars with a gripping new novel about one man in the air and on the brink, and the one woman who can bring him-and a plane full of passengers-down safely…
Or a victim of injustice?
Fugitive pilot Ken Wolfe holds a 737 hostage high above the Rocky Mountains. As the lives of his passengers hang in the balance, Wolfe demands the apprehension and indictment of an unprosecuted killer-within twenty-four hours. Rookie FBI agent Kat Bronsky must tend to his fragile psyche while talking the pilot down and into the hands of the law. But as Wolfe’s motives unfold, Kat begins to question who is actually the villain and who is the victim-and time continues to run out on a plane headed for disaster
Sooner or later, the truth must land.

This is a brilliant book. A real page turner that kept me wanting more. I can’t remember a book that had me almost hyperventilating at the end, but this one did. Totally amazing plot, dealing with a subject that was handled delicatly and with grace. Easily the authors best book so far (that I have read)

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