Book Review – The Lincoln Lawyer – Michael Connelly

A defense attorney who doesn’t use an office, but rather Lincoln Town cars to meet his clients gets a big case, a case that will pay him handsomely but one that will make him question who is evil and who is innocent.

Michael Connelly‘s first courtroom drama is a blockbuster. Not only does he create one of the best courtroom trials I have read but he does it with pace, knowledge and Connelly’s usual style.

Mickey Haller is great as the lead character. Honest to a point, he is a lawyer after all. He handles his cases with believability that helps the plot work. The other characters are just as good.

While I sometimes drew comparisons with Sheldon Siegel‘s novels, The Lincoln Lawyer didn’t incorporate or need the humour that Siegel’s books use. Different writing styles on the same subject.
While I love the Harry Bosch novels, I believe that Mickey Haller would be a great character to base additional books on. I, for one, would certainly buy them.

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