Book Review – The Lion's Game

An apparent Libyan defector is due to arrive by plane from Paris and a team from the Anti-Terrorist Task Force are set to greet the plane when it touches down at JFK airport. The ATTF team is made up from CIA and FBI as well as John Corey, ex of the NYPD who is looking to move from the middle east section of the ATTF. This move is put on hold when the plane touches down at JFK and things do not go as planned.

This is the second John Corey novel from Nelson DeMille, the first being Plum Island. John Corey is a sarcastic, witty, ex New York cop whose crime solving skills are equally matched by his one liners and off hand way of looking at things. As with most of DeMille’s books, The Lion‘s Game is written from the first person perspective as far as any action with John Corey, but with other characters it is third person.

DeMille writes his books like a very large roller coaster, building up slowly and then once it starts going quickly, it gets faster and faster. While the protagonist of this book is moving around and doing evil deeds, it takes over half the book for Corey to get into the real action. A combination of flashbacks helps tell the tale of Asad Khalil, Lybian terrorist and apparent defector, and his motives for his actions.

The plot is most enjoyable, taking real life incidents and entwining them into a great story. It is believable, there is no fantastic powers at work, simply men on missions. The two strands of the plot slowly become tangled together and it is well worth the build up of the first part of the book. A good thriller with dark humour, fast paced dialogue and a really well thought out plot. Another great Nelson DeMille book.

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