Book Review – The Overlook – Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is called to investigate a murder that appears to have been an execution. In short order, the investigation becomes a lot more complicated as federal agents are called in because of the identity of the victim and his access to dangerous materials. Before you know it, Bosch is involved in a desperate search for individuals who could have these materials and a way to distribute them in LA.

A shorter book than normal, The Overlook is a fast paced book with the usual plot twists and turns, all centered around one of the most enjoyable characters in books today. Harry Bosch is honest, intelligent, and yet human and very likeable. Surrounded by well crafted characters and plots, Bosch keeps the readers interest from page one onwards.

In some ways, I hope that there is never a movie made of a Bosch book, because I don’t know how anyone could capture the essence of who Bosch is. He is the reason why Michael Connelly has so many best selling books. I would say that if there was to be a movie made, it would have to be directed by Michael Mann who captured the LA of Bosch in the amazing movie “Collateral”.

The Overlook is a great, if short, book. The plot gives the reader what they want, and Bosch as always rocks. Another great book.

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