Book Review -The QE2 Is Missing – Harry Harrison

Millions of dollars in diamonds. Nazi war criminals. South American dictators. Deranged freedom fighters. All on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Its going to be a very interesting cruise.

A thriller about two South American dictators who want to rid their countries of free speech, bankrolled by Nazi`s who want a safe haven, dealing with arms dealers with a lot to sell. Caught up in the middle of this is Hank Greenstein, a lawyer who is involved to an extent, and his fiancee, Frances.

This is a pretty fast paced thriller, even if the first part is more confusing than anything else. The plot picks up and the action heats up as things spiral out of control. A good ending though.

A fun book, quick read, probably not one of the best ever though.

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  1. Funny. I found it slow and hard to follow LOL.
    I gave up on it but may have to finish it if it speeds up.