Book Review – The Scarecrow – Michael Connelly

A reporter who has just lost his job finds himself investigating an apparently solved murder and in the process discovers that not only are things not what they seem, but that there may be an undetected killer who is successfully killing and getting away with it.

From the beginning, The Scarecrow reads more like a Jeffery Deaver story than a Michael Connelly one. If the main characters had been replaced by Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs I honestly would have been had pressed to notice. Perhaps part of the reason for this is that rather than the straight forward and steady Harry Bosch digging into a crime, you have Jack McEvoy who is investigating something that may be a lot bigger than he can handle.

The plot is very similar to the type of novel that Jeffery Deaver writes with lots of twists and the main characters often in the dark while the protagonists are plotting against them. Michael Connelly has a style of writing that is enjoyable without having to work at it, I mean that you read it and it feels familiar even though it may be a new book. It helps the reader get settled into the book and lets the first few paragraphs grip the reader.

A great book that started a little slower than usual but built up to a great ending. Another great Michael Connelly book.

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