Book Review – The Traitor – Stephen Coonts

Tommy Carmellini, thief, is assigned by the CIA to accompany retired admiral Jake Grafton to Paris where a G8 meeting will have the leaders of the most powerful 8 countries in the world in one place at the same time. Their mission, to find out if there is a plan to destroy the G8 meeting and the leaders within.

The lead character, Tommy Carmellini, takes over the lead role from Jake Grafton who has been the main man for many Stephen Coonts books. Carmellini, who is written in the first person rather than the third as was Grafton, is a very different character to Grafton and yet easily carries the bulk of the book. Since the first novel, Flight Of The Intruder, Coonts has created and improved on a very enjoyable writing style. While his first books were naval avaiation based, some of his later books have been more espionarge based and have been just as successful.
There is a certain element that makes a Coonts book stand out from the crowd. He cleverly keeps the plot twisting without too many hints as to what the end will be and even when you figure it out, you still want to read it. His characters are probably one of his best elements with his books. Grafton has grown from a young man flying in Vietnam to a powerful man who still faces challenges that others would shy away from. Along with Grafton, his wife, Callie, has grown into a full character. My only complaint about The Traitor is that it didn’t have Toad and Rita in it, two of my favourite characters.

I have never read a Stephen Coonts novel that I didn’t fully enjoy and The Traitor is no exception. There are some authors whose work is always at such a high standard that I will buy any new paperback, with no knowledge of the plot, and no fear of a let down. Stephen Coonts is very high up on
that list.

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