Book Review – Torpedo Juice – Tim Dorsey

From the Publisher

The drinks are on Sunshine State historian/spree killer Serge A. Storms, who’s decided it’s high time he got married. So he’s motoring down to the Florida Keys — the ultimate end of the line — in search of Ms. Right . . .

and finding his doped-up basket case bud Coleman along the way. But for Serge, “”getting hitched”” doesn’t necessarily mean “”settling down”” — not when South Florida is crawling with slimeballs, swindlers, unrepentant jerks, and annoying bystanders whose ranks need some serious thinning.

Any book that stars and I do mean STARS, Serge A. Storms is always going to be going at a hundred miles an hour. Fast paced and more than a little crazy sums up both the book and Serge. With the most inventive murders around, Serge has become the most enjoyable serial killer ever to be found in Florida.

A great book, filled with humour, sickness, sex and just a little violence. Can’t wait for the next one.

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