Book Review – Trial And Error – Paul Levine

Steve Solomon and his law partner/girlfriend, Victoria Lord find themselves facing each other across a courtroom when Steve’s nephew, Bobby, finds himself in the middle of an armed dolphin heist.

Sometimes you read a book and you know, from previous books written by the same author and featuring the same characters, that the book will, well be the same as the previous books. It tends to spoil the fun somewhat when you know that there is a final twist, that the hero will get away and so forth.

Other times though, you buy a book that you know will be the same as the other books in the series and yet you look forward to reading it, knowing that while the plot is different, the witty comments, the clever narrative and the sheer fun of the characters will keep you giggling like a little school girl until the final pages.

Trial And Error is the latter. The relationship between Solomon and Lord is feisty,  witty, and yet loving. Think of the prime of Moonlighting (yes, that episode with the horse with the BMW saddle) and you know what I mean by the enjoyable interplay between boy and girl.

I am generally too busy laughing to find fault with any of the Solomon vs Lord books but I did find one in Trial and Error. It was too damn short, I could have easily handled another hundred pages at least. It felt as if you were shown a glimpse of the characters lives and then it was taken away just as it was becoming comfortable.

Paul Levine writes with both knowledge of the legal system (in Miami at least) and a considerable collection of one liners, situational gags, and erm, T-Shirts. How could anyone complain about that?

Loved it, can’t wait for the next.

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