Book Review – Tripwire – Lee Child

Jack Reacher is sitting in a bar in the Florida Keys when a private investigator comes looking for him. Reacher is drawn to New York where a person from his past gives him a reason to followup the work an old friend had started.

The third book featuring Jack Reacher, Tripwire is a violent, sometimes grusome story where things are not what they seem and yet Reacher always appears to be. Reacher is a character that is complex almost because he seems to have a very simple thought process. He doesn’t panic, he doesn’t run around, he doesn’t do anything that he doesn’t need to do and yet he is ruthlessly efficient when needbe and clever all the time. Reacher is such an interesting character although he himself doesn’t appear to think so.

The plot is a good one although the twist becomes obvious long before Reacher works it out and after that you are just waiting for the shoe to drop rather than wondering what else might happen.

A good book, one that keeps the readers attention but not that original.

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