Book Review – Tsar – Ted Bell

The most powerful man in Russia threatens world peace as he tries to recreate the old Russia. The only man standing in his way is Alex Hawke, battered, bruised and recovering from his previous adventure. One man is a genius, a billionaire with many ways to get what he wants. The other, resourceful, daring, looking only to rest, relax and recover.

The fifth Alex Hawke book, Tsar, has the same cast of characters that previous books introduced as the lead character is given a new challenge, namely taking on the most powerful man in Russia. The quote on the cover of the book mentions both (James) Bond and (Clive) Cussler in reference. Both are true, although in different ways. Alex Hawke is very much like Ian Flemings most famous hero. He is dashing, handsome, women swoon when he farts, blah blah blah, so much so that well, there isn’t that much
thats original. Yes, circumstances are different, he is rich whereas Bond was usually financed by the secret service, but the over feeling is the same. Again, the reference to Cussler is accurate but not exactly in a good way. Clive Cussler has written (or spawned) many books, and a couple of off shoot novels as well. His first books, Pacific Vortex, Iceberg, Raise the Titanic etc… were gripping adventure stories that rocked. The most recent books have been slower moving, rather bloated novels without the taut passion of earlier. These are the books that Tsar reminds me of, slow moving books that if stripped to half the size would be perhaps do Alex Hawke more justice.

A good enough book, one that I had trouble putting down once I began it but it feels like a middle aged book rather than a young whippersnapper of a book that it perhaps should have been.

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