Book Review – Whiteout – Duncan Kyle

On the ice cap in Greenland is Camp Hundred, a US base cut into the snow and ice of the Arctic. Covered trenches protect the men who live and work inside. Into this close knit environment comes Harry Bowes, hovercraft technician, trying to prove that the US army needs hovercraft in the hostile environment of the Arctic. Even before he arrives at the camp, accidents begin to happen and soon, it becomes apparent to Harry that these ‘accidents’ appear to have a purpose.

Following on, and with a quick reference to Duncan Kyle‘s previous book of  A Cage Of Ice, Whiteout successfully conveys the harsh life that the Arctic enforces upon visitors. Camp Hundred is well described and easily imagined, with good examples of life, both in and out of the camp.

The characters are colourful without being over the top. Because Whiteout is essentially a whodunit under extraordinary circumstances, a lot of the characters tend to not so much stand out rather just be on the radar, not being written about too much but not so little that you forget about them. Its a delicate balance but one that Duncan Kyle does successfully.

Whiteout is a very enjoyable read, one that does tend to keep the reader guessing until the end, and one that is best enjoyed when there isn’t three foot of snow outside.

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