Book Review – Wild Fire – Nelson DeMille

Everyones favourite wiseass ex cop and now Anti Terrorist task force member, John Corey is back and this time trying to avoid the US being bombed by fellow Americans.

DeMille’s previous book, Night Fall, had one of the most breathtaking endings I have ever read in a book. It truly was amazing and shocking and one that I thought about for a long time afterwards. Wild Fire begins a year after those events. Once again, John Corey is accompanied by his beautiful and intelligent wife, Kate who still have to put up with all the sarcastic comments that Corey seems to endlessly produce.

The plot is great although did remind me of another DeMille book, The Talbot Odyssey. Some very enjoyable characters appear and each one is believable as the plot develops. The content of the plot is frightening but while it may have some roots in the truth, doesn’t really ring true. It doesn’t matter because, due in part to the plot and in part to Corey’s wise cracks, you enjoy this book for what it is, a thriller of the highest pedigree.

I loved this book, and to be honest, there have been very few, if any, Nelson DeMille books that I didn’t feel this way. A great style of writing that can fill up the pages without boring the reader with un-needed or useless information. Can’t wait for the next one!

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