Book Review – World War Z – Max Brooks

An oral account of the war against the Zombies. Mulitple eye witnesses tell their tales of how they survived the rise of the Zombies and how the war was won.

If this has been written as a straight story with main characters and plot, it would have been a lot more disturbing to read and more akin to a normal horror book. As it is, this is a fresh way to tell the tale of a war that lasted over a year and that encompassed the world. With no one ‘main’ character other than the interviewer, each person brings something different to the story. Their experiences and background offering the reader something new each interview.

A film production company has bought the rights to the movie but I can’t help thinking that it would be better told in a television serial format. The only downside to this would be the need to tone it down for television. You could easily do a season of episodes with each one telling a different story and not run out of new ideas any time soon.

This is a very enjoyable, well written and clever book, never delving into the grusome for more than a few moments but always giving enough for the reader to understand what is going on. Cheap thrills and violence are avoided as the focus remains on the story telling and the book is better for it. There is an audio book that I think I will have to listen to as it will transfer prefectly to audio!

Seriously good book. One of the best ‘horror’ books I have read and one that I will re-read again!

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