Deadly Storm the Graphic Novel – Richard Castle

Richard Castle Signing
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Deadly Storm introduces perhaps one of Richard Castle‘s most loved characters, Derrick Storm. While the graphic novel isn’t an adaptation of any of his books, it nevertheless is a great way to introduce Storm. Charming in his own way, smart, brave and not without some wit, Storm could easily be mistaken for Richard Castle himself if not his later creation, Jameson Rook.

It is difficult to happen upon a formula for a television show that is successful, the number of failed shows and un-broadcast pilot episodes attest to that. It is increasingly difficult to not only have a show that is a hit but then have the main character become almost a cult figure. With Castle, Nathan Fillion has applied his own personality to Rick Castle and the resulting character, and show, have been possibly more successful than anyone could have anticipated. The character of Castle, quite understandably, is the essence of each fictional lead character that the fictional writer, Castle, creates.

With the Nikki Heat series, Jameson Rook as well as each other main character are so obviously the characters on the TV show that it reads just like a Castle episode. With Derrick Storm, not only is he similar in personality to Rook/Castle/Fillion but while the graphic novel doesn’t exactly try to mimic the image of Castle, the physical similarities between Storm and Fillion are hard to ignore.

Deadly Storm is hopefully the start of a series of Derrick Storm graphic novels, which while not requiring as much imagination as a novel, are still enjoyable to read, if only in a fraction of the time required to read a novel.

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