Graphic Novel Review – V for Vendetta – Alan Moore

About the Book
In an alternate future in which Germany wins WWII and Britain becomes a fascist state, a vigilante named “V” stalks the streets of London trying to free England of its ideological chains.

This is not a graphic novel filled with happiness, joy and beauty. This is the tale of a country that has become controlled by a government who watches, listens and knows everything about everyone. From the horrific roots of the story, told in flashback manner, to the climax of the plot, V for Vendetta does not side step the evil and criminal acts that cause this story to comeabout. It is interesting to see similarites between a story written in the early 80s by a disillusioned Englishman and what may be happening in the US right now. This too is to become a movie, and I hope that the movie makers do not take the easy way out and remove the difficult moments, the painful scenes and the horror.

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