Life After : The Arising –Bryan Way

In the spirit of honest reviewing, I feel I should let you  know that I know the author of this book personally which is why I know I can be totally honest with this review. To his credit Bryan not only wrote this book but he also self published it, an amazing feat for any author especially one as young as him.
I have never read a zombie novel before. Never really cared to. I’m not into vampires, werewolves and zombies but give me a space alien any day and I will be pretty happy.
When it comes to my choice in novels of the fictitious sort I tend to opt for a murder mystery or a court room story where things can pretty much only go one of two or three ways and I usually have got the story figured out about 1/3 of the way in. But when a friend writes and publishes a book, you are kind of obligated to at least give a cursory glance.I however ended up devouring it.
The first thing I noticed when I started reading Life After was that I was immediately an interloper on the events that were going on. As the story starts off The main character Jeff is home from college heading back to his old high school to meet up with his girlfriend who is taking part in a very well attended Bandrome Festival. It was there that quite literally all hell broke loose.
The way that Bryan writes is as if I was looking over Jeff’s shoulder or standing just out of his line of site. You feel as though you are right there but somehow not getting in the way. Bryan has a very unique way of using language to paint a detailed picture and very little is left to chance. You would be hard pressed not to have a full video adaptation running through your brain as you read Life After.
The story goes on to show us how a small group of people work together (in most cases) to deal with and over come the obstacles brought on by a zombie apocalypse.  The group dynamic works well and in it like a Joss Whedon story there is no guarantee that anyone will make it out alive.
I myself am a big picture person and a couple of times I got a bit lost in the flurry of the action happening on the pages. That may have to do with me skipping lines while reading, rather than the way the action is written because I was so excited to see what was happening next.
Over all I tore through the book quite quickly. I found the characters -both good and bad – were well written and relateable, the story moves along at a quick pace  sending you on an emotional rollarcoaster between hoping the characters find safety together or praying they find a quick death to remove them from their misery.
I like how Bryan doesn’t ignore the basic needs of everyday life like showers, bathroom trips and the characters coming to terms with the possibility of never being able to go back to the way things used to be.I even held my breath towards the end when Bryan put me right there with Jeff on the rooftop and I could almost taste the metallic tang of doom.

Overall having nothing in the genre to compare it to, I found it to be a great example of what I expected it to be.
Compelling characters-check
Awesome Action-check
Zoned out zombies-check
I can’t wait to read the second installment, so c’mon guys buy this one so Bryan can afford to publish the next one!

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